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07 June 2013 @ 08:27 am
stupid hito  

when i scroll down my fb i found this post and this just stupid..fandom haven't relieve yet this post come up..btw will try to infiltrate and look what this baka do..will update the post later when i reach home since now on9 on the phone only..

btw the post was in indonesian and u can use google translate..

edit: i can translate the post here since i know some indonesian words..

"Minnachan konichiwa~ we sell a lot of dorama in file format

-file usually formatted mp4,mkv,flv and avi.
-dorama only can be viewed on pc/laptop/pc tablet.
-if u worried it can't be played, for the software player will be available in the disc.
-normally subs were in english.
-buy 10 disc get bonus 1 disc.

-for order, just pm/post in the wall the title that u want.
-we will reply the detail of the total of disc,price and ship(?) (i'm not sure this tho)
-transfer payment through BCA/Mandiri.
-shipment every monday and thursday by JNE/TIKI
-no minimum order


-for disc we used the one with merk maxel ato dvd which is has good quality ^^
-received dorama didn't have the cover. only disc and sleeve.
-request are welcome. but because lot of links were dead so probably not all request can be fulfilled ^^

but this time it's dorama..don't know if there's any video that they sell too..

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