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01 May 2011 @ 07:12 am
♥ fanfic ♥ soba ni iru yo - part 1  
Title: Soba ni iru yo (i'll be there) - part 1
Author: yunasakura
Type: oneshot
Rating: PG, romance, angst(?)
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari x Sakuraki Sakura (OC)
Disclaimer: i just own the plot ^^
A/N: New fic!!!yeay!!finally i finish this ^^..btw this is a sequel from ai-chan or orenchiibi_ai  fic my girl, and i just feel like i want to continue it ^^..please enjoy it and comment are love!

          “Otsukaresama deshita.” Nino greets to all crew and move to his room. He sighs before sit and closed his face. This week really make he lost his energy and what he needs now is to go home and get his sleep.


Nino frowned and stretches his tired muscle before open the door.

          “Ano..sorry to interrupt u but here has some messages from the Johnny-san. He wants u to attend a party to celebrate the new launch of group from JE. Another thing is the Myojo photoshoot that scheduled for next Thursday needs to be done tomorrow because the publisher has a problem with the studio owner.” His manager explains for the changes in the schedule.
          “Eh?? tomorrow?? at what time?”
          “They told me around 11 in the morning.”
          “Souka..hai wakatta..anything else?”
          “No..that’s all..sorry for interrupt your rest.”
         “It’s ok..so see u tomorrow..” Nino smile and close the door. He changed his cloth and get ready to go home early to get his precious sleep since tomorrow he need to wake up early for the photoshoot.
“Nino, did you heard about Sakuraki going to further study in the State?” one of his best friend from high school informed him.

Nino shook his head. “When will she be going?”

“Today, if I’m not mistaken at seven” Nino eyes widen and he checked his watch, it’s currently five and it takes three hours to reach Narita’s airport.

Nino sighed and slammed his drink on the table which makes his friend shocked and almost chokes his drink. “I’m sorry for the sudden—” Nino didn’t continue his words.

“Use my car…” Nino’s best friend handed him his car key.

Not hesitating, he quickly grabbed the key and rushed towards the airport. While driving, he kept on calling and dialing the same number; Sakuraki Sakura’s number.

“Pick up you idiot!”

Wake up!! Wake up!! Wake up!!
The alarm shock Nino. He grabs the clock and saw the number 10:30 there.
          “Crap..” Nino jumped from his bed and rushed to take a shower. 10 minutes later he is ready in his car and starts the engine. On his way to the photoshoot scene, he remembers his dream last night.
          “Sakura…” he muttered himself. 
Since that day, he never forgets about her even a minute. In his head he still remember clearly about what happened in the airport 3 years ago and her promised.
          “Good luck while I’m not around…I’ll make sure to search for you once I reach Japan”
He smiles as he imagine Sakura is in front of him.
          “Yosh..kyou mo ganbattemasu!”
Sakura looks at the outside of the plane. All that she can see are white cloud. Then she looks at her handphone strip. It’s a handmade of school uniform button. Then she smile.
“Here…” he handed Sakura something, she take it.

“Isn’t this—” she stopped as the words didn’t come out and looked up at Nino who look down doesn’t know how to react.

He just grinned and messed with his hair. “I’ve been keeping it since our graduation day, I thought about it and decided that I would wait for you behind the school but that day you have to go back since your grandma is sick, so I kept it waiting for—” Nino words was cut off when Sakura suddenly held his hand.

“Is it okay to give me such important thing?” Sakura asked as she didn’t get the real meaning of why Nino giving her that second button of his graduate school uniforms.

Nino was embarrassed when he realized he has to be straight forward to confess his true intention. “Well, this thing happens to be here because of you…”

“Eh! Ninomiya-kun, could this mean…” she was shy to continue the next word and just look at Nino.

Nino looks away in embarrassment. “Well, that’s kinda true…” he messed with his hair once again as he was nervous.

Sakura smile when she remembers how she got the button.
          ‘Kazu-chan,matte ne..i’m back.’ Sakura hold the button tightly.
          “Here’s the key. U can use this room. If u wants anything just give me a call.”
          “Arigatou oba-chan..haii..wakarimashita.” Sakura bows politely to the landlord lady. Then she closes the door.
          “Ahh…kimochi..yappari Nihon is the best.”
Sakura start to unpack her things. Luckily her brother helps by searching for the rental house. If not it will be in troublesome to return from her parent house with her new work place. It’s quite far and even if she takes a train it will take at least 1 hour to reach here. She sit and open the television after done arrange her things.
‘Today the guest is really awesome. I believe everyone will go kyaa~ after this. This guy is really popular and now he’s rising as a young talented singer. Everybody, give a big hand to Ninomiya Kazunari!!!’
Sakura chocked her drink when she heard the name. Her eyes widen when the person that appear in the program is the same man that she keep dreaming every nights.
Nino on his way to the convenient store when he bumped to a rushing girl. That girl fell down and moan in pain.
          “Ahh..gomen..are u hurt anywhere?” Nino show his concern.
          “Ii..daijoubu..” that girl answer and lift her face.
Nino’s heart stops when he saw the face that he miss every day and night were in front of him. He’s too shock and can’t even say a word.
          “Are..ninomiya-kun? Uwaa..hisashiburi..genki?” the girl ask cheerfully.
          “Ah..hisashiburi..sakura..ki-san..” he replied shakily. “When u come back?”
          “3 months ago..ano gomen ne..actually I’m in hurry so see u again..ja nee..” sakura bows and leave nino that still in shock.
          “Yabai..I’m late..” Sakura look at her watch and didn’t realize there were a man that walking at the corner and BAP!
          “Itai….” Sakura grasp her butt.
          “Ahh…gomen..are u hurt anywhere?” that man ask concernly.
          “Ii..daijoubu..” Sakura lift her face and give a smile. Then her heart stops.
The silent filled the environment and Sakura can’t take it any longer.
          “Are..Ninomiya-kun? Uwaa..hisashiburi..genki?” Sakura ask pretending cheerfully.
          “Ah..hisashiburi..Sakuraki-san..” he replied.
Sakura heart hurt when she heard ‘Sakuraki-san’ comes from his mouth.
          “When u come back?”
          “3 months ago..ano gomen ne..actually I’m in hurry so see u again..ja nee..” Sakura bows and leave Nino quickly. She can’t hold her breath any longer and her heart were hurting whenever she looks his face.
          “Gomen ne Kazu-chan…” her tears fall down.
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Siti Rafiza FizaSiti Rafiza Fiza on May 1st, 2011 05:45 am (UTC)
are??are??nande sakura???..
hrmmm...can't wait for the next..