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25 April 2011 @ 05:21 pm
♥ fanfic ♥ i love u  
 Title: i love you
 Author: yunasakura
 Type: oneshot
 Rating: PG
 Pairing: Ohno Satoshi x Asakura Yuna (OC)
 Disclaimer: i just own the plot ^^
          “Look, I’m really sorry ok…I don’t mean it..please..” 
Ohno try his best to pursue Yuna. He know that he has promise to her that they will have a dinner together yesterday but suddenly his manager told him that Johnny-san want to meet with all Arashi member.
           “This is the fifth times u canceled our date. What u supposed me to do?”
           “But u can’t make me like this. U know how pack our schedule. Please understand it a little bit. Don’t act like childish.”
            “I’m sorry for can’t be an understanding, but yes, I AM childish, ojiisan.”
Yuna stand and walk to the door.
           “Ne..matte..ok I’m sorry for calling u childish..” Ohno grab her hand.
Yuna stop and look back to Ohno. “Leave me alone.”

6 months later…
          “Asakura-san, please re-sketch these entire document from the start. What make u think that this can be a proposal for our next project?”
         “Gomen nasai. I’ll do it again.”
Yuna bow politely and take the document from her boss and leaving the room.
         'What u mean by re-sketch?? U bald old man!' Yuna cursed her boss.
She walks angrily to her place and notice that there was a note stick in her computer. She takes it and cramped before throw it away. This is a 30th time she got the same note. First time she get it were during her first presentation with the CEO’s of Taro Companies for project commercial. Since it was her first time to present her company proposal it’s really mess her day. But luckily she able to handle it and manage to convince those CEO’s to agree and accept her proposal. After then she’ll get that note mysteriously until now.
          “Yuna-chan, wanna go lunch with us?” Riisa and Reina ask her.
          “Eh, it’s lunch already? Erm I don’t think so..I need to finish this first”
          “Sou ka..wakatta..that ojiisan always love to bully u ne~”
          “Ha..ha..ha..so funny..just go.” Yuna pouted her mouth.
Riisa and Reina grinned and leave her alone with peace sign. Yuna sighed and focused back at her work. She’s too absorbed with her work without realize that it’s already 8p.m. She finished her last sentence before packing her thing to go home. Before leaving she put her work in the file and put it in her drawer. Then she leaving while humming happily without realizes there is a shadow behind the door that smile widely.
             “It’s weird. I know I put it here before I leave yesterday.”
Yuna check her drawer again and it’s empty. The file that she leaves yesterday is not there. It’s gone. She’s panic, frust, angry, sad, tired and all these make her eyes watery. She asks for Riisa and Reina help but they also can’t find the file. Yuna give up and start sobbing when her boss calls for her. She tries her best to wipe all her tears and walk calmly to the room.

Knock! Knock! Knock!
              “Come in.”
Yuna take a deep breath before enter the room. Even the air conditioner in that room is function as usual but her sweat comes out like crazy.
              “Sit down.”
Yuna bow and sit nervously. In her head she pray that her boss will not burst angrily to her.
              “I’m really sorry sir. Yesterday I really done it and put it in my drawer before I leave.” Yuna explain the situation.
              “What is u talking about? Stop talking nonsense.. By the way your proposal is good and I want u to print it out and submit to the Storm Company by this evening.”
              “Hah?” Yuna confused and open her mouth unconsciously.
              “What u mean by doing those face? Close your mouth and here take back this and make sure to print it out before this afternoon.”
              “Where u get that?”
              “Ah..nandemonai..hai..wakarimashita..thank you sir.”
Yuna quickly leave the room after bow her boss politely. She’s looking at the file on her hand with a lot of question that has no answer that she can think off. But seems the time show 10 a.m she quickly moves to the printer to print out the proposal and let her curiosity alone.
               “Yuna-chan, what’s your plan this weekend?” Riisa suddenly ask her in their lunch time.
               “Erm…nothing I guess..why? U guys has something in head?”
               “Well Reina-chan and I wants to go to Imaichi.. Funabatei..we heard there has a lot of sweetfish and we can eat it as many as we want.” Riisa excitedly tell Yuna her plan with her hand movement like eating the fish.
               “Ehh..hontou??count me in too.” Yuna claim her agreement.
               “Hey, don’t u think it’s like too many people here today?” Yuna ask Riisa wondering the amount of visitor there.
               “Well maybe today has something special here.” Reina nod agreeing with Riisa answer.
Those 3 friends ignore the crowded and continue move toward the river. They could see that a lot of sweet fish there and quickly prepare to catch those fish. While they enjoying their time then suddenly Yuna heard someone call her name. She turns around and there’s standing a man that she’s miss every day and night.
               “Oh-chan..” Yuna whispered the name.
               “Ehh..dare? Someone u know riida?” a bratty look man ask Ohno.
               “Ah..hai..” Ohno answer slowly.
Riisa and Reina suddenly go kyaa and join with the other crowd after saw Arashi at the scene and completely ignore the fish that they catch earlier. Yuna sighed and go to the nearby hut and just look from far at the Arashi or more accurately at her ex-boyfriend do the shooting.
               'He’s look tired.' Yuna commented while looking at Ohno. Then Ohno look at her and their eyes meet. Yuna quickly move her eyes away with a nervous feeling.
               'Yabai..more longer I’m here I think I can’t control myself' Yuna quickly stand and ready to leave the scene when the bratty man earlier come to her.
              “Hajimemashite..Ninomiya desu..Ninomiya Kazunari.” He introduces himself.
              “Asakura Yuna desu..hajimemashite.” Yuna reply politely.
              “Can I have a minute with u? it’s about riida.” Ninomiya half whispered to Yuna.
Yuna frowned but then nodding approving. “Hai..ii desu”
They both go to the empty bench far from the crowd and Yuna sit there nervously. Suddenly she worried with what Ninomiya want to tell her about. However Ninomiya just look at the birds nearby and keep silent. Yuna become more anxious with Ninomiya act.

              “Ano..what u want to talk about?” Yuna break the silent when she sees Ninomiya don’t show any sign to speak.
Ninomiya look at her and smile.
              ‘Ahh..it’s like Riisa-chan’ Yuna thought as she saw the smile.
              “Well I know riida a very long time ago..before u do..” Ninomiya start.
              “He’s very lousy guy that always slacking around and always search for excuse to escape from his work. But all that change 2 years ago. He become more discipline and cheerful..or what can I say it’s look like he turn to be more organize and serious with his work. Even Johnny-san realize that and happy with his changes.” Ninomiya paused there and sighing.
             “Then what’s happen? Why u tell all this to me?” Yuna can’t tell Ninomiya true intention.
He grinned and looks at yuna. “But all this happy positive changes were temporary..he turn back to his old self or even worse than before.”
             “What u mean?”
             “6 months ago riida become like before..he’s always late when working and don’t have enough sleep..he shows no passion in his work and it’s a serious problem since our group are rising the wave of popularity..and I bet u know the reason..” Ninomiya stare at Yuna’s face as she looks down.
Yuna can’t believe that Ohno will become like that because of her. All this happen because of her childish and stupid action. She can’t feel anything except guilty to Ohno. Without her realize her tears falls down.
Yuna wipe her tears but she can’t hide her red eyes. Ninomiya pass the tissue to her.
               “I’m sorry for what happen..I don’t know it will affect him like that.” Yuna sobbing realize that Ninomiya know what happen between her and Ohno.
               “I just want to tell u that riida always love you and never forget bout u. At the night where we supposed to meet Johnny-san back he’s never calm..he knows that u’ll wait for him but he don’t want to make u waiting so long..that’s why he canceled your date.”
               “He’s always keep u in his mind..just like last night..he’s try protect….”
               “Nino, it’s enough.”
Suddenly a voice that sounds really familiar to Yuna interrupt. Yuna lift her face and see Ohno standing there right behind Ninomiya. Ninomiya sigh a bit before he turn facing Ohno.

               “Gomen..” Ninomiya pats Ohno shoulder before join to the crew and leave Ohno with Yuna alone.
               “I’m sorry for letting Nino make u cry..it’s not as bad as what he told u.” Ohno tries to cover the truths.
               “What he mean by last night? Oh-chan, tell me what happen?” Yuna can’t hide her curious for Ninomiya last sentence. 
               “Oh-chan…oshiete kudasai…” Yuna grab Ohno shirt and grip it tightly.
Seeing Yuna grip tightly his shirt with those eyes make Ohno weak. He can’t stand to see those eyes. Slowly he loosen the grip and smile to Yuna.
                “I’m sorry for not fulfill my promise. Since our last meet, I never leave u alone. I’m worried if something happen to u since u always being clumsy. Luckily I follow u every day and acknowledge bout your stalker.”
Yuna frowned with Ohno statement. 
                 “I have a stalker?”
Ohno nod. “And he’s the one who give those notes and stole your work.”
                 “And u get it back for me?”
Ohno smile and shyly looking down. “Erm..”
Yuna smile to Ohno and smack his head. 
                  “Itai~ why u hit me?” Ohno shock with Yuna sudden action.
                  “Because u are BAAAAKA~” Yuna laugh.
                  “Ah sou?” Ohno grab her and hug her tightly. 
                  “I love u.”
Yuna blushed. “Atashi mo..” she whispered back.
Ohno frowned a bit and look at her, “Eh..did u say something?”
                 “Stop it!” Yuna can’t hide her blushing.
They both laugh and Ohno spreading his hand to the air. 
                  “Ah..it’s kimochii ne~ finally I can go back to your house.”
                  “Are~not too fast.” Yuna grinned. Then she leave Ohno that in dumb-founded behind.
A/N: this is my first trial..sorry for the grammar mistake as english is not my first language..btw please be nice to me and enjoy the reading..comment are love =)
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orenchiibi_ai on April 25th, 2011 10:16 am (UTC)
Not a big fan of Ohno, but this fanfic it cute.
especially the last part where Ohno said he acknowledge about Yuna's stalker and didnt realize he himself, is being Yuna's stalker XD

Love it!

Your first fanfic? Make sure to write more fanfic dear~
yunasakura: morijima ^_^yunasakura on April 25th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
lol..thank you for read dear ^^..
hai~ganbarimasu ^o^
matsujun19: conan x watchmatsujun19 on April 25th, 2011 11:22 am (UTC)
aahh...aichan beat me~
//off to read! :p
matsujun19: conan big eyematsujun19 on April 25th, 2011 11:23 am (UTC)
ehh??? just now i saw aichan comment! where is it now???
yunasakurayunasakura on April 25th, 2011 11:29 am (UTC)
lol..she's always there..
u don't have to worry..
ask conan to stop searching~ :P
matsujun19: conan smirkmatsujun19 on April 25th, 2011 11:54 am (UTC)
u screen her comment just now!! i know it~! :p
yunasakura: lnooyama ngee~yunasakura on April 25th, 2011 12:00 pm (UTC)
not me..
my friend..she messy with my lappy and she screen that..
ok? :P
matsujun19matsujun19 on April 25th, 2011 12:12 pm (UTC)
hjahahaha~ :p
Siti Rafiza FizaSiti Rafiza Fiza on April 25th, 2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
cho kawaii!!!
its really good work..keep it up!!
yunasakura: chii hyperyunasakura on April 25th, 2011 02:00 pm (UTC)
arigatou for read nee~chan ^^
haii~ganbarimasu ^o^